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Category: Supplements

Stay healthy with natural vitamins and minerals supplements

In order to have a good digestion and better heart health, natural vitamins and minerals supplements are considered some of the most important elements that can help in improving that.

Some people don’t get enough amount of fiber from their food. Therefore, they can actually increase the amount of substances in their meals by consuming natural vitamins and minerals supplements. They are available in many forms including tablets, powder and capsules. Usually people use supplements due to constipation in order to get a short period relief. It also helps them in managing their weight since it makes them really full the whole time.

However, it is always considered better to ask advice from your doctor before taking any natural vitamins and minerals supplements in order to know which one is the right for you. For example, there are two types of fiber supplement. First, we have the Extracted natural fibers include lignin (a compound found in plant cells), cellulose (a sugar found in plant cells), pectin (a sugar found in fruits and berries), and psyllium-keep additives to minimum. Second, we have the Common manufactured fibers include polydextrose and polyols, and maltodextrins.

Natural teething relief for babies to help reduce the pain and the baby’s discomfort

The teething is a difficult time for parents and can be a very painful process for babies. Thankfully, there are some key symptoms to help spot teething, together with a number of simple yet natural teething relief for babies that can soothe your baby’s discomfort.

Teeth can start to come in anywhere from 3 months of age to 12 months and will continue doing so until around age 3. It’s symptoms include excessive drooling, sensitive pink gums, crying, chewing, decreased appetite and so more. However, surprisingly, this affordable natural teething relief for babies can helps reduces the pain and inflammation.

Inflammation from teething can stimulate nerves that cause pain. By pursuing a low inflammation diet including the paleo type foods, you can help relieve the baby’s pain. Also, it is important to make sure baby is getting enough rest and eating healthy foods in addition to breast milk lowering stress is important to prevent inflammation. Another thing to consider is vitamins and natural supplements. Vitamin D plays an important role in supporting immune system function. Babies can take liquid vitamin D to get their levels up to a normal range.

Benefits of Emergen-c Kidz Fruit Punch

The emergen-c kidz fruit punch is formulated with enough vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants for your kids. It is a fun drink sweetened naturally that offers fizzy goodness and comes in different flavours with nutrients for specific health needs. This fruit punch comes with a lot of nutrients to keep your kids healthy, boost their hormones and immune system. Let’s look at some of the benefits of this kidz fruit punch. Each packet of emergen-c kidz fruit punch contains has a Vitamin C content of 1000mg which is more Vitamin C than you can get from 10 oranges. Besides, the recommended dose is between 60 mg to 90 mg daily.

For the fact that our body cannot manufacture Vitamin C, it is believed that we need to take in a considerable amount of Vitamin C to maintain our health. Assuredly, Vitamin C plays an essential role in our antioxidant activity, cardiovascular system, immune system, connective tissue repair and the prevention of scurvy and gout in your kids.

Secondly, emergen-c kidz fruit punch also contains Vitamins A, B and other immune boosting minerals such as zinc, manganese, selenium, and elderberry and hibiscus extra which enhance the function of your kid’s immune system.